Below is an overview of the latest APC's available.
Please contact us so we can advise you on the best APC for your pool.
Arlene's Pool Service is a qualified Zodiac installer.

Baracuda MX8

An engineering and design masterpiece, the MX8 performs in a class of its own. With the ability to move in any direction, this cleaner boasts market leading coverage of the pool floor.

Baracuda X7

Offering excellent coverage, Quattro Traction Control, a compact design and quick and quiet cleaning, the Baracuda X7 Quattro™ is the ultimate next generation suction cleaner.

Baracuda G2

The Baracuda G2® Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner has been designed with one thing in mind... Pure Performance. Thanks to its streamlined design and Deflector Wheel which increases manoeuvrability, the G2® performs incredibly well and is able to get into all of those 'hard to reach' spots.

Baracuda Pacer

The Baracuda Pacer™ is the ideal Pool Cleaner for small pools but it is suitable for all pool types. Its simple, streamlined counterweight assembly improves speed and manoeuvrability making it the ideal choice for any pool.


Ideal for splash pools! 12” wide cleaning path and an unique internal steering provides excellent pool coverage.Specially designed footpad provides superior cleaning results. Leader hose provides improved mobility of the unit. Elevation Limited prevents unit breaking surface and steers unit out of corners.

Bull Shark

The kreepy krauly Bull Shark Pool Cleaner is effective on all pool surfaces. The Pool Cleaners single moving body part insures fast and effective cleaning. No one likes scrubbing the underbelly of a pool. Let the Bull Shark from Kreepy Krauly work 24hrs for you.

Baracuda Leaf Eater

The Baracuda Leaf Eater™ is a cost effective and efficient swimming pool skimmer that is suitable for most Pool Cleaners. A pool skimmer saves you time and will ensure that your pool looks as inviting as ever – no matter the season.

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