A wide range of chemicals are available.
Please contact us for advice on the best chemicals for your pool.

Algi X - Care-Free way to an Algae free pool
• Treats the root of the problem.
• Developed for South African Pools.
• Backed by “The Pool Care Help line”.
• Super Concentrated for tough Algae.
Alum - Clarifies pool water
• Method of clarifying water.
• Traps suspended particles.
Evolution - The All-in-one Pool Care System
• Algaecide.
• Sanitizer.
• Shock.
• Clarifier.
• Sunscreen.
Calcium Flakes - Raises calcium hardness in pool water
• Improves water buoyancy & balance.
• Helps prevent TDS dropout which can cause unsightly stains on pool walls and floor.
• Prevents aggressive or corrosive water.

Filter Sand Cleaner - Super cleans your filter sand easily and
without opening up the filter.
• Saves you the cost of replacing filter sand.
• Makes your sand filter work better and longer.
• Quickly reduces filter related pool problems.
• 100% biodegradable.
• Backed by “The Pool Care Help Line”.

Metal Magnet - Helps remove metals from pool and borehole water.
• Helps remove metals from pool and borehole water.
• Helps prevent staining and scaling in pools.
• It also aids in the removal of fresh stains and scale when used with Pool Magic Acid or Stain Remover.
Micro Filter - Quickly removes the fine suspended matter that
causes cloudy water.

• Easy to use.
• Fast acting.
• Friendly to pool chemicals.
• Aids with water balance.
• Enviro friendly.
Rescue - Rescue is used for problematic pools, it is important that the sand be clean or changed if older than 6 months.
• Quickly removes the fine suspended matter that causes cloudy water.
• Easy to use, fast acting, friendly to pool chemicals, water balance & environment.
• Prevents metals from combining causes stains and scale.
• First in solving stubborn pool water problems.
• Rescuing problem pools from expensive remedies.
Stabiliser - Prolongs the use of Chlorine in the swimming pool.
• UV Protection for chlorine .
• Promotes cost effective pool maintenance.
Stain Remover - For removal of stains in marbelite, fibreglass and painted pools caused by metals, leaves. Mineral deposits and other debris.
• Removes fresh copper chloride (Black) stains within minutes
• Effectively removes rust/iron (Reddish/Brown) stains
• Makes tired looking fibreglass pools (Dull Grey) look like new.
• Removes fresh copper stains (Light blue).
• Helps remove calcium deposits (Light Brown) from pool bottoms.
• Helps remove old leaf stains (various colours).
Total Alkalinity - Raises Total Alkalinity (TA).
• Enhance Pool Chemical economy.
• Stabilises pH.
• Prevents corrosion and scaling.
• Corrects the water balance.
Total Clear 5 - in - 1 - A monthly application for a sparkling algae free pool.
• Kills GREEN & BLACK algae .
• Promotes sparkling blue water.
• Maximises filter performance.
• Saves 80% on total pool costs.
• Long lasting problem free water.

Aquacure Hydrochloric Pool Acid
• Available in 3, 5 or 25L.
• Anti Glug feature for added safety.
• Used to decrease pH or to adjust Total Alkalinity.

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