We offer the full range of pool
maintenance, cleaning and are
technicians for chlorinators
and heat pumps.

With 10 years experience in pool maintenance and repairs we offer top quality service at a reasonable rate.

Our friendly teams carry out the
following services with a smile:
• Check and clean pool baskets.
• Sweep walls and vacuum pool.
• Clean scum line where necessary.
• Clean filter cartridge/backwash filter.
• Check pump is running smoothly.
• Check chlorinator/ozonator is in working order.
• Test chemical level of water - adjust accordingly.
• Check pool cleaner is operating correctly.
• Replace pipes of pool cleaner when broken.
• Check timers.
• Check that heaters are operational where applicable.
• Ensure pool blankets are on pools when heater is switched on where applicable.
• Ensure all safety nets are on where applicable.
• Jacuzzi's - Fill/empty/switch on/clean.
• Jacuzzi's repair.
• Garden water feature installations.

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